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My fevered mind.
Poisoned Rationality
It has been a crazy year since I was last on here. I went over seas, and am actually about to leave for China again. I had two strokes, found out that I am Gluten sensitive, and have Fibromyalgia. Um, I started working as a Body Guard, a job that I absolutely LOVE, until my second stroke a couple of weeks ago when I was put on medical leave. I had a few visits from my BFFs. Lost one to a boy. I am planning on buying a house this year, which is super scary.

Basically, life is a roller coaster. All I can do is hold on.

In fandom news, I am still being over run by Teen Wolf. Stiles and Derek Forver!! Even if Derek is being a total dumbass. I refuse to acknowledge the vast majority of season 4. For REASONS. I have two new room mates. One is a kpop fan and one is a Teen Wolf fan. It is perfect. I have people to talk to! I have people to rant at!! They understand! Even if I don't think they are quite into fandom the same way I am, it's ok. They still understand a good, old fashioned rant about the stupidity of a character's plot arc.


So, I am still around if anyone feels like sending me a message. I mostly spend my days reading on AO3. Though that may change soon. I am going to have a lot of work to do on the new house in a few months to get it ready to move into by the end of the summer, as we are planning a total overhaul. Why yes, I did watch too much TLC growing up. Why do you ask? \o/

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5 Beats -- Tap Your Toes
Ok, so I know it has been FOREVER, and anyone still here deserves SO MUCH MORE than what I am about to give you, but...

I have been reading BAMF!Stiles-with-issues fic (plural: so many, so long, SO so good) from Teen Wolf fandom in preparation/anticipation of the next half of the season starting up on Monday. For the last three days straight. Like, not moving or sleeping. (I wasn't moving mostly from being sick, but that is irrelevant to the plot.) Then I was in the car (yes, on the way to the doctor) when I heard Rihanna's Monster on the radio. I have heard that song hundreds of times but today after all that reading I heard it differently.

I'm friends with the monster that's under my bed
Get along with the voices inside of my head
You're trying to save me, stop holding your breath
And you think I'm crazy, yeah, you think I'm crazy
Well, that's nothing


I can SEE him hearing this come on the radio of his Jeep and cackling madly at how tragic it is that the words of the chorus fit so perfectly.

>.> I just had to get that off my chest.

Also, it is a travesty that I do not have any Teen Wolf icons. I need me some Sterek up in here!

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Tap Your Toes
I figured that the best way to sum up the year was to share some much over due pictures of the family and of me that I have been promising to people.

A Day At The MuseumCollapse )

We are still here and kicking, Aidan is back in America, and we have ended up in Queens. I have been epically sick, my mother has been even more sick than I have and my youngest brother is kicking it in my house now. Steven is doing the paperwork for his next business venture. Let's pray this one lasts longer than the last four...five? I don't know. I lost track. Kiara will be 10 next month and is nearly as tall as I am. Craziness, I tell you. Gavin is 19 months old and already vying for his turn with the phone and computer and video games. Aidan is adjusting to life in America. He has some issues with Kindergarten and eating, but they are typical 5 year old problems. Mostly we are doing ok.

I have missed talking to you all, but I have been far too busy and I didn't want to spend all of my time on here talking about how sick I have been, which is most of what I ever have to talk about. That and sad stuff, or complaining. No one needs to hear my crap. Blah blah. But happy pictures of me with my kids? That I can do.


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I have decided that I am going to sneak away this afternoon to see The Hunger Games in the theater. I let myself watch one E! special about it and I am pretty excited. Much better to watch it on the big screen than a telesync on my computer. Now I just have to get there without the kids. ::crosses fingers::

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1 Beat -- Tap Your Toes
Oh my GOD. Hunger Games fandom. Bring it on.

I just finished reading all three books in three days and they were riveting.

If this mic is still on can anyone point me in the right direction? I really don't feel like bumbling around for weeks trying to find to good comms and sites. Please?

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From this:

(On the right.)

To this:

(On the right.)

To this:
SEA of JAPAN (March 8, 2012) -- Sailors participate in basic first aid training aboard U.S. 7th Fleet flagship USS Blue Ridge (LCC 19). The ships first aid program is meant to train Sailors on basic treatment in emergency situations. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist Seaman Apprentice Michael Hendricks)

(Top left corner.)

I remember when Justin was 11 he decided we were going to be fake married for the summer. I was 22 and best friends with his mom who was 34. Kiara was 6 months old at the time. I basically lived at their house for about a year. I fell out of touch with his mom when we moved, but have stayed in touch with him over the years.

I had an inkling the he was gay even back then. I never said anything, because he was way too young for me to put that in his head. And I never said anything outright over the years, waiting to see if he would come to that realization on his own or not, though I tried to be supportive and open. I found out that not only did he join the Navy a few months ago, but that he got a boyfriend a few days ago. :) Awwwww, I am so proud. His brother Travis, also in the first two pictures, is going into the Marines, just like their dad. These guys are making me feel so OLD and yet, I felt so young myself back then. Idk. It's so weird.

In other news, BOB BRYAR is coming soon!!!!

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Tap Your Toes
I am poor these days cuz I spend all of my extra dollars on my kids. In that vein, I let my art domain lapse a few months ago. But today I finally got around to putting everything up on my LJ scrap book. I even organized that shit. I am feeling mighty proud of myself.

Check it out.

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Well, it's been a roller coaster of a year, but I still wanted to take a few minutes to say Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah and Happy New Year and Happy Holidays to everyone who celebrates something that doesn't fall into one of those categories.

I have to say a huge thank you to my amazing friends who have been super supportive during the last six months. (You know who you are.) Here's to hoping that next year has more ups than downs.

And I will leave you all with this...my daughter and my niece doing a performance at church this morning. It was adorable.

Joy To The WorldCollapse )

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My brother died in a car accident on Friday morning. He had been living with me and working in my restaurant for almost two years. We sold our last restaurant a few weeks ago and were planning on moving closer to New York by the end of the month, but he didn't want to go so he moved back down to North Carolina two weeks ago.

I was always so mean to him; telling him that he needed to grow up if he wanted to get what he wanted in in life and that he needed to stop leeching from others. I probably didn't say 5 strictly nice things to him in the last year because I was always so mad at him. And now it's too late to change anything.

He was a much better person than I gave him credit for. He always worked hard and he would give the clothes off his back to help some one in trouble. So what if he sucked at cleaning up after himself and couldn't handle his finances for shit? He had a temper but so did everyone else in this house. That was most of the problem.

My husband feels even worse than I do I think because as much as they fought, he genuinely liked him. He called and asked after 15 times a day. He wanted Brad to stay with us and wanted to help Brad get everything he wanted. All Brad wanted was a wife and kids. A family to call his own. He was so jealous of me for having that. And now he never will. He told me I had to name Gavin after him so that his name would live on since he was working so much for me that he didn't have time to find a wife. I thought that he was joking but I think he may have been a bit serious on the inside.

I will always love him, even if I failed at letting it show when he was around.

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I come with two things for you today. First, I spent last night at the hospital in early labor. I was 4cm dilated and 50% effaced when they sent me home to wait and see how things progress this morning. I am only 36 weeks right now, so I am hoping he will stay put for at least another week or so. We'll see how things go. Modified bed rest continues for the 7th month in a row.

Next, hump_day_smut put a theme up for auction for help_japan and the winner chose femmeslash for this week. Come over and take a look at all of the lovely art produced for a good cause, including mine.

Title: Twice As Nice
Character(s): Patel Twins
Rating: R
Media: 2B Pencil
Notes: It is definitely not as polished as I had hoped it would be, but what with being in labor, having an iffy scanner and not having gotten Photoshop installed on my new computer yet...things did not turn out as planned.

Using the powers of porn for good! NSFW!!!

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I got a new laptop yesterday! It took almost 24 hours to transfer all of my music, movies, and pictures from my old laptop. >.> The only thing I don't like about it so far is that the resolution can only be set to a max of 1366x768. I've worked around the problem for the most part, but images are still HUGE.

Do not like. I did some research and it turns out that the majority of new laptops right now are set the same way for HD movie purposes. I don't care about HD movies. I want things to fit on the screen. But it seems that there is nothing to be done about it except custom order a laptop and pay out wazoo. :( Thanks, but I'll just deal.

Baby is good so far. Kicking up a storm and getting stronger everyday. I just hit 6 months along and I found a while ago that it's a boy. Trying to decide on a name for him right now. I'm liking Connor the most so far.

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Tap Your Toes
Good morning! This season you get two posts for the price of one.

First, the reason I haven't been around my journal for the last few months...

I'm pregnant. Again. :)

I'm about five months right now and having some complications that have left me basically on bedrest except for going to to doctor 2-3 times a week and taking care of the kids already in the house (mine and my sister-in-law's) and still having to work on the weekends. We decided to sell the restaurant and buy a bigger one with more staff in PA just outside Philly so that I won't have to worry about working soon. It's all going down this week, so I have been running around a lot for that lately, too.

I find out if it's a boy or girl tomorrow.

Second, have some art. XD

Title: Worth The Trouble
Rating: G
Warnings: Fluuuuuff.
Medium: Photoshop
A/N: I have been reading a lot lately, mostly Star Trek this month, and was bit in the ass by pomme_noir's Once More With Feeling, which was written for space_wrapped. I read it last night and immediately upon finishing started to draw. Just a basic outline right now, because I was too tired to stay up any longer. I'll probably get it beta'd, finish and re-post it later.

Christmas in GeorgiaCollapse )

That's all for today folks! Happy Holidays!

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Tap Your Toes

Hi. I fail so hard, I know. I keep thinking of things I want to update my journal with every day, then by the time I actually get home to my computer at night or tear myself away from youtube I am just too damn lazy to do it. I suck. I know, I know.

So my life right now consists pretty solidly of mom duty and Super Junior. Sometimes they even coincide, because I can just blast Super Junior and let the kids dance around the house for awhile or let my niece babble at me about the virtues of Kyuhyun and how all the boys at her school should be more like him; ie, quiet. She can go on for a long time.

I have been watching a ton of Korean and Chinese Variety Shows featuring Super Junior (that have conversely started dragging me into the rest of Kpop, whether I want to go or not) thanks to youtube and my niece and midnitemaraud_r who is a virtual library of knowledge when it comes to knowing the when/where of any particular picture or gif I show her. I have only to show her a picture, say I need this in my life, and voila. I have it in my life. best_of_five says she is the SuJu version of the Library of Congress. Haha. Oh, my friends.

Luckily, I got to see all of the L00bs before the summer ended because I visited midnitemaraud_r in July, when this whole SuJu madness started. Then paranoidsistah and ziasudra came down my way a few weeks ago. We tore up Philadelphia. OMG, I have to tell you all about that, but in a separate post. I am going to hold myself to that. In the next few days. I swear. There are awesome stories to tell. Stories with BIKER GANGS and GAY BARS. Then I went down to DC to visit best_of_five a couple weeks ago. (Or last week? I don't remember now.) And my 'three hour' trip turned into 'three days'. I had to tell my husband I was kidnapped. I don't think he bought it even though I TOTALLY WAS. All in the name of Android. I'll tell you more about that trip, too.

Upcoming posts:
Tearing It Up In Philly - L00bs Adventures!
Tearing It Up In DC - More L00bs Adventures!
SuJu fic ideas that WON'T LEAVE ME ALONE ;_; (Maybe they have already been written, then I can just read them. ::hopes::)

Oh, and I signed up to be a pinch hitter for help_pakistan. I haven't done anything in a while so it's nice to be getting back into things a little. I really did miss being here and participating in fandomy things.

Saranghae! Love you guys!

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2 Beats -- Tap Your Toes
Ok, I was in NYC for a couple days for a cousin's wedding in Chinatown and I got to spend some time hanging out at midnitemaraud_r's place. OMG, it was so good to be HOME. O_O

Now, I may have taken a step in the direction of converting her to the ways of Korean band boys but in my defense, she was trying to convert me to anime band boys at the same time, so I don't feel guilty at all.

Super Junior - Bonamana (Cut because I care.)Collapse )

Daaaaaaaaaamn, I love Choi Si-Won. A picture (or two), purely so that you know who I am talking about and not because I felt like staring at pics of him for half an hour to find just the right one to share with you guys. Mhmm. It's his fault I was unable to turn away from Super Junior every time my niece made me watch a video.

Choi Siwon, MmmmmmmCollapse )

But really, at the moment, my heart belongs to Bruno Mars. He's an R&B singer from Hawaii. I can't wait for him to explode. Hopefully I'll get a chance to see him play a show before he gets too big. Hell. At this point I just hope he puts out a full length album soon.

Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are (Cut because I still care.)Collapse )

Aaand that's all I have time for. I still have to work out tonight and I have to get up super early to take my daughter to the doctor in the morning. Whee, fun.

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Tap Your Toes
Omg, life is so mean sometimes. Fail.


Unrelatedly, in March I was over come with a fit of Emo and denounced Bandom and was sure that it was about to die. I was in grief. Hell, I am still sad over the loss of Bob. ;_; But, I have been slowly dipping my toes back into the pool. It's been a year and my heart is starting to heal and I miss my boys! So I have been starting with Panic! AU's that have nothing to do with bands and touring and thus have no chance of dealing with bands breaking up. Baby steps, you know. But after a year of not being able to face anything PATD without getting tears in my eyes, I call this progress.


Also, Steven is looking at a restaurant outside Chicago to buy. I kind of like South Jersey now that we have settled here, but not gonna lie, JWALK HOME SHOWS! How can I say no? Oh yeah, snow. >.>

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My pain is epic today, but my glee makes up for it.

Steven bought me a new car today. A NEW new car. A 2010 Honda Civic EXL Sedan. Dark blue with gray interior. ::whimpers:: Its ~beautiful~. He bought it because I have been using my brothers pos car to get to my multiple doctors appointments every week and it died on Saturday just after I found out that they are referring me to yet another doctor for yet more appointments every day. But more on all that later. I am still processing on that front.

Also, for the first time in a long long time, I am starting to love SPN again. Like, 'Is it Thursday yet?' kind of love. Its been awhile, as evidenced by the fact that I watched the last three episodes all at the same time this week which I am actually really glad of and which had become a normal occurrence. <3 Gosh, I missed being excited about this show.

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My phone is fixed! And actually, I think I am going to do some upgrades on it that I never would have seen if I hadn't been searching around to figure out how to fix it. So it's all good.

The weather today:: bouncy bouncy

Tap Your Toes
My phone is sick. I feel like crying. Such is the happenings when you run aftermarket ROMs. I have to have this fixed by tomorrow. >.>

Post from mobile portal m.livejournal.com
Tap Your Toes
I can hear bandom's death throes now.

Also, it is looking more like Bob was kicked out of the band, which, are you fucking serious? I am harboring a strong desire to drive to Gerard's house and smack him for being a complete fucking idiot. HOMG.

I need to go to bed.

The weather today:: bitchy bitchy

7 Beats -- Tap Your Toes
It's official. Bandom is trying to kill me. Rip my heart out, smash it to bits, then set it on fire. In the last nine months I lost Panic! v. Jwalk and Ian left The Cab, Travis is doing solo work, Fall Out Boy fell apart, and now Bob Bryar has left MCR.

I literally just spent last night getting myself hyped up for new MCR and Ninja!Bob shenanigans. They were the only safe place I had left in bandom. Not that I am not still going to be hyped for their new album, but it will be bittersweet now. I just hope Bob is ok and didn't irrevocably hurt himself or something. It's Bob. He would totally do something like that.

I wish I knew how not to be emotionally invested. :(

The weather today:: morose morose

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